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Scheme Post code Lead Walks
432457 Step2it RetfordDN22 7TY16
4011 Age UK Leicestershire & Rutland Senior Strollers LE10 1DD2
785 Amber Valley: Local Health WalksDE5 3BT26
201 Best Foot ForwardNG1 4FQ34
6373 Bircotes Smiley MilersDN11 8JT1
1034 Blaby Active Together WalksLE9 3BN14
6144 Bolsover Walking for HealthS43 4JY19
200 Boston Health WalksPE22 0HF26
144 Broxtowe Walk & TalkNG9 2SB17
198 Charnwood Health WalksLE11 3HE38
13537 Chesterfield Borough Council Walking for HealthS40 1LP19
13509 Chesterfield Walk This WayS41 0YE66
784 Clumber Park WalksS80 3PE5
193 Corby Health WalksLE16 8YF9
187 Daventry Health WalksNN3 7TA12
164 Derbyshire DalesDE4 3NN58
182 East Lindsey Health WalksLN10 6PZ50
181 East Lindsey Heart Support GroupLN11 8TU49
13544 Erewash: Local Health WalksNG10 5AE15
179 Get Going in GedlingNG5 8RE17
177 Healthy Harborough WalksLE16 9DR19
174 High Peak: Walks For HealthSK17 6EL40
171 Kettering Health WalksNN15 7QX48
8583 Leicester Health WalksLE1 9BG55
173 Let's Walk Hinckley and BosworthLE10 3DD9
157 Let's Walk South WigstonLE18 4PB2
13513 Lincoln Health Walks68
617715 Sanctuary Grove Health WalksWR2 5FH2
13550 Walk Northants (Easy Breathers)NN47DD5
550315 Lombard Medical Centre Walking Group NG24 4XG0
261 Melton Walking GroupsLE14 4NA13
612 North East Derbyshire Walking for HealthS42 5PW15
783 North Kesteven Social StrollersLN6 9BW35
709 North West Leicestershire Active TogetherLE67 5EU10
158 Northampton Health WalksNN3 8JR42
432455 Oadby and Wigston Active TogetherLE2 5JJ4
574519 Ollerton ForagersNG22 9PP2
432462 On Your Doorstep - Local Health Walks for Mansfield & AshfieldNG18 5RA35
13557 Our Centre Walking GroupsNG177AH3
154 Rushcliffe Health WalksNG2 6AT7
412115 Rushden Health WalksNN10 9NG1
156 Rutland Healthy WalksLE15 6HP10
150 South Holland's Walking Your Way to HealthPE11 2RA17
176 South Kesteven Health WalksNG31 8AR65
151 South Northants and Cherwell Health WalksNN12 8PU52
13551 Southwell StrollersNG25 0RS14
145 Swadlincote: Get Active in the ForestDE12 8JX51
494033 Walk Well DerbyDE1 2FS13
461089 Walking for Health schemeDE1 1EH27
142 West Lindsey Health WalksDN21 1AR73


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