Leading a walk kit

Below we've collected together all of the resources you'll need when you're out leading a walk.  Your scheme coordinator will usually have a stock of these for you to take with you on your walks, but they're also available to view and download below if you need them.

Walker Registration Form

The Walking for Health walker registration form should be completed by all participants before joining a walk. It contains relevant questions to help us to monitor who we are reaching and what impact the programme has.  This evidence will help us make the case to local funders to support the great work of local schemes.

>>Walker registration form (1.3KB, PDF)

Contact us if you require an EasyRead version of the form, suitable for adults with learning disabilities.

Health walk register

Health walk registerOur health walk register should be used to record the names of everyone attending a walk, so that we can monitor attendance on health walks.

Last updated: 25.06.2015


Accident report form

Accident Report Form

In the event of an accident, please ensure this form is filled in as a helpful record if there is then need to make an insurance claim.

Last updated: 14.06.2013

Incident report form

Accident Report Form

In the event of an incident (physical accidents are covered by the accident report form) please fill in this form and return to us.

Last updated: 27.04.2017




Photo permission form

Outdoor Health Questionnaire

This form can be used by schemes who wish to take photos on their walks, but don't have alternative permission requirements in place. They should be filled in by anyone identifiable in the photo and kept on record.

Last updated: 01.07.2013


In case of emergency cards

In case of emergency cards

These cards can be given to walkers to fill in and carry with them on walks. It is the walker's responsibility to keep these cards, not the walk leader's.

Last updated: 15.03.2013