Walk assistant

If you'd like to help out on our walks, but don't want to be a walk leader, then taking on a walk assistant role could be for you!

It is great for walk leaders to have a helping hand, particularly on larger walks, and for walkers to have an extra person to talk to when they're out and about. 

You'll grow your confidence and people management skills, stay active, enjoy more time outdoors and meet lots of new people.

What do walk assistants do?

Walk assistants responsibilities can vary. You could be helping the walk leader welcome walkers and ensure that the paperwork is all completed, or you could be the ‘back marker’ – staying at the back of the walk to make sure no one gets left behind. You could also be accompanying a walker, making sure they get plenty of encouragement and good company.

What skills do I need?

As with our walk leaders, the main thing we look for in walk assistants is enthusiasm for walking and its benefits.

We also like our walk assistants to be friendly and welcoming, with good communication skills; reliable and punctual; and observant and sensitive to the needs of others.

Do I get training?

There is no training required to become a walk assistant, but you will get the support of your local scheme coordinator and the walk leader.

How much time do I need to give?

Most of our walks are short, around an hour or less, plus travel to get there. Typical schemes like their assistants to attend at least one walk a month, depending on the programme and the numbers of volunteers they have, but this does vary scheme to scheme. 

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