Database administrator and promotion volunteer

A lot of work goes on 'behind the scenes' to help our schemes run smoothly and effectively.

Our database administrators and promotion volunteers are vital to our success because they help us reach as many people as possible and prove we are helping people become and stay more active.

Database administrators 

What are the duties of database administrators?

This is a desk based role to manage the essential administration associated with running a health walk scheme. Our administrators add new walkers to the database, add and edit walk information on our website, record walk attendances and run reports to ensure records are accurate and up to date.

Do I get training?

As a database administrator you will receive full training to use the Walking for Health database. You will receive ongoing support and guidance from your local scheme coordinator and Walking for Health’s national team, and access to the programme’s resources.

What skills do I need?

Our database administrators are organised, confident with computers, have a good attention to detail and understand, or are happy to learn about, basic data protection rules and confidentiality.

Promotion volunteers

What about promotion volunteers?

Our promotion volunteers identify new publicity opportunities, send out communications to volunteers and walkers, and design materials like flyers and posters. Duties vary from scheme to scheme, and often promotional activity is shared among volunteers who are also acting in other roles.

Our promotion volunteers are creative and passionate about promoting good causes, able to use a computer and ideally have an interest in marketing.