Leading a walk kit

Below we've collected together all of the resources you'll need when you're out leading a walk. Your scheme coordinator will usually have a stock of these for you to take with you on your walks, but they're also available to view and download below if you need them.

Walker registration form

The Walking for Health walker registration form should be completed by all participants before joining a walk. We have made changes to the walker registration form in order to comply with GDPR. 

Health Survey

If a new walker consents to receive a link via email to take an anonymous health survey, it will be emailed to them by the Ramblers Walking for Health national programme team. For individuals without an email address, a paper version of the health survey is available, which you can download below. This health data should then be entered into Survey Monkey, using the Survey Monkey link below.

Health walk register

Our health walk register should be used to record the names of everyone attending a walk, so that we can monitor attendance on health walks.

Walk leader's checklist 

The walk leader's checklist is a short guide with some top tips to help your walk run smoothly. It's a handy tool to take on your walk to refer to as needed, especially if you're a new walk leader. 

The print-friendly version has been designed to give you two checklists. Ensure you print-double sided (flip along long edge), then cut in half and fold to form the booklet.

Accident report form

In the event of an accident, please ensure this form is filled in as a helpful record, should a third party need to make an insurance claim.

Incident report form

In the event of an incident that is not a physical accident, please fill in this form and return to us.

You can also find information about our safeguarding policy and guidance here. 

In case of emergency cards

These cards can be given to walkers to fill in and carry with them on walks. It is the walker's responsibility to keep these cards, not the walk leader's.

Photo permission form

This form can be used by schemes who wish to take photos on their walks, but don't have alternative permission requirements in place. They should be filled in by anyone identifiable in the photo and kept on record. You can download an editable template to include your scheme's details.

Our risk assessment sheet

Risk assessment sheets should be filled out according to our guidance and in line with the training you receive.

You can download a blank risk assessment sheet below, and also see a good practice example risk assessment as provided by Walking for Health Bristol. 



Good practice example:

For detailed information about risk assessments and insurance, click here. 



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