Website and database FAQs


To help you get the most out of the Walking for Health website and database, we've prepared responses to the most frequently asked questions.

I have forgotten my login details, how do I reset my password?

If you can’t log in or if have forgotten your details, you can always change your password by clicking on the request new password link on the login page. You'll be sent an email with instructions on how to change your password. 

I can’t submit registers using an iPad, why?

The Walking for Health database isn't currently compatibe with iPads and iPhones. We strongly advise administrators to submit registers via PCs, laptops and Android devices only, and to avoid working via iPads and iPhones.

If you have no other way to add registers other than an iPad and if no one else with access to a laptop can support you with data entry, you can add existing walkers to a register using the ‘Copy Register’ button. This allows you to copy a list from a previous register where the attendance was similar, removing the need to enter the register from scratch.

I’m trying to add an existing walker to a register but I can’t find them. What can I do?

It’s not always possible to find existing walkers within your scheme. This normally happens if they are already walking with another scheme, or if they have registered themselves online but didn’t join a specific scheme. If you know where the walker currently lives, you can find them by using the blue ‘Local Authority Search’ filter button. If you have a current postcode for the walker, you can find their local authority via the ‘Find your local council’ website. If you don’t have this information and only know the region where they live, you can use the orange ‘Area Search’ filter button to look for their region. You can access these filters via your register by clicking on ‘Add Walker’ and then ‘Add existing walker’.

This could also happen when a walker is inavertedly made inactive and no longer appears on your list of active walkers. To find them, you can use one of the filters on your ‘Scheme Walkers‘ page. You can filter your search by ‘Active walkers‘, ‘Inactive walkers‘ or ‘All walkers‘. Searching using the ‘All walkers‘ filter is the best way to see the names of all the walkers linked to your scheme, both active and inactive. To ‘reactivate‘ a walker that was made inactive by mistake, click on the green ‘Change Status‘ button next to their name.

For more information, please watch our video tutorial on adding an existing walker to a register.

One of my walkers is ‘in pink’, pending approval. What does it mean?

These are walkers that have been linked to your scheme after having already walked with another scheme, or if they registered themselves online but didn’t join your scheme when they did so. Once added, walkers will initially be classed as ‘pending approval’ until you have confirmed with the Walking for Health team that the walker has completed a registration form for your scheme.

This is for data protection purposes, as we need to get confirmation that the walker consents to the local scheme having access to their personal information. Please contact us at and provide a unique piece of information that can be found on their registration form, such as an email address or postcode. This is to ensure that ‘pending walkers’ have read the data protection statement on your registration form and are happy for your local scheme to access their personal details.

For more information, please read our guide on pending approval walkers.

I’m trying to add a new walker but I can’t as their email address is already in the system. What does it mean?

This will normally be for one of two reasons – either the walker is already on the system, or they have a shared email address with someone else who is already on the system, such as a spouse. If it is the former option, the walker can be looked up and added via the filters in the register functionality. If it is the latter, the walker can be added without an email address and the database will generate a ‘dummy’ address. This is because the database only allows unique email addresses, as a way of reducing duplicates.

For more information, please read our guide on managing your walkers and volunteers.

What personal data is held on the Walking for Health database and how is it stored?

The data that we collect on walker registration forms is stored on the Walking for Health database, which is managed by the Ramblers.

Your contact details are only shared with your local walking scheme and you will only be contacted about participation in Walking for Health – for example to receive a walks programme. If you want to opt out of this, you can contact your local scheme. The registration form also allows walkers to ‘opt in’ to receive other information from their local scheme.

The personal data we collect is stored securely on the database and only used for aggregated reporting. This isn’t visible on database records, or used to identify walkers.