Evidence and evaluation

Two ladies take part in a health walk in Lewisham

We want to help people around the country to get active and stay active. By effectively monitoring and evaluating our work, we can understand more about how the programme works and have relevant evidence for funders, delivery partners and local decision makers.

This page provides an overview of the research and evidence that explains what Walking for Health is and the benefits of the programme. If you want more information about this area, contact Jo or Liz from our intelligence and research team at walkingforhealth@ramblers.org.uk

Impact evaluation 

The Ramblers and Macmillan  published an evaluation of the national programme in July 2016. You can read the full report and a learning summary which collates our reflections on the key findings here

This adds to existing external evaluation evidence about the impact of the Walking for Health programme that conducted when the programme was managed by its previous programme hosts, Natural England. 

Programme overviews: understanding more about Walking for Health

We regularly analyse data from the national database and scheme surveys to provide up to date overviews of the Walking for Health programme. 

The Programme overview – participant and attendance analysis provides an in depth look at who is taking part in the walks and how they hear about them, the types of walks that are most popular with participants and participation and attendance trends. This is based on data the 2015-16 financial year. We updated this analysis to look in detail at participants aged 55 and over

The Programme overview – Analysis of schemes and local delivery  provides information about how local Walking for Health schemes are run and funded and who their participants are. This is based on data from 2015.

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Using evidence 

Promoting the programme nationally 

Our evaluation evidence enabled us to submit as a case study in the Sport and Recreation Alliance's Reconomic Plus report, highlighing the health and community benefits of outdoor physical activity programmes. 

Using evidence in local funding bids

Sport England are increasing their investment in programmes that will tackle inactivity. We have done some analysis to look in detail at participants aged 55 and over to support schemes applying for Sport England's Active Ageing funding. 

Get in touch if you would like further information or support to collate evidence for a local funding opportunity.