What roles are there?

If you're interested in volunteering with Walking for Health, there are lots of different roles that you can do. Below you can see more information about the types of roles available, but your local scheme may well offer more (or combinations).  If you'd like to volunteer with your local scheme you can use the search box on the right to find their details.

A walk leader

Volunteer walk leader

Without our walk leaders, health walks wouldn't be possible. So, if you love walking and want others to feel the same then being a volunteer walk leader could be just the job for you. 


Completing paperwork before a walk

Walk assistant

If you'd like to help out on walks but don't want to be the walk leader, there's still plenty to do.  Particularly on larger walks, walk leaders can always use some helping hands.



Administration and promotion

Volunteering in an admin/promotion role with your local scheme is a great way to gain new skills, whilst knowing that you're helping your community get healthier and happier.