Coronavirus Help & Resources from the Worcestershire Walking Network

Published: 27th March 2020

It was great to see the message Lynn Yendell has shared with her Walking for Health groups. Lynn is the coordinator at Worcestershire Walking Network and emailed some really useful sources of help and resources, both local and national.These included:

  • A link to the local authority’s Coronavirus web page and the Council’s advice page to help people look after themselves
  • The local sports partnership website resources to help people stay active at home
  • An update about availability of services from local Citizens Advice Service
  • The Coronavirus Charity Help Fund which has been set up by Martin Lewis to help those affected by the coronavirus. Small or local charities are able to apply to receive a grant of £5-20K for specific coronavirus poverty relief projects
  • application form can be accessed here
  • link to the Blog can be accessed here

Lynn also suggested the following for people who are at home and might be looking for things to do to keep busy:


This is a convenient and easy way to get involved if you have a computer. It can be done anytime, anywhere. The idea is that many people doing small actions can make a big impact. There are a wide range of activities involved including citizen science, letter writing, proof reading, photo-tagging, surveys etc. The causes supported are wide ranging and include the environment, communities, science and fighting poverty. Go to ‘Do Something Great'. 

Help from Home & Clothing Guild is also worth checking out. This group initiated ‘Microvolunteering Day’, which is on 15th April 2020. This group has been promoting microvolunteering since late 2008 and has been slowly building up a database of actions that anybody, anywhere can participate in.If you enjoy knitting and have a stock of wool at hand you could consider doing some knitting for the Queen Mother’s Clothing Guild.  You can read about the Guild at

National Volunteering Website

Any new volunteering roles received to help with the present situation will be put on the national volunteering website, and on local volunteer centre websites.

Social Media

We want to share links, resources and more to help people stay active and stay connected in this challenging time. Please share these, and your news about how you are staying active – email You can follow us on Twitter (@healthywalks) and Facebook -