December Newsletter - Christmas Closure

Published: 16th December 2019

Despite the days getting shorter, we have still been hearing from lots of you about the great walks happening around the country. We've been out to see schemes and walks in Worcestershire, Milton Keynes, Sandwell and Dorset as well as delivering the last of our 9 Cascade Training sessions for this year.

We will be signing off on the 18th December but back in the office on the 6th January. This means that any queries sent from the 18th might not be answered until the team is back during that first week in January. In case of a serious incident, please call 07725 912 593. Have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Ramblers Walk Leadership

The Ramblers have been developing walk leadership training for their walk leaders. An informative video has been developed showcasing the work and the key messages about leading walks. These messages will also be of benefit to Ramblers Walking for Health walk leaders. You can find it here - Learn more about what the Ramblers are doing here.

Investment is needed if everyone is to benefit from walking

We all know the profound benefits that walking can have on someones health. Recent work from The University of Edinburgh’s Barriers and Facilitators to Recreational Walking review has collated evidence from almost 30 different studies – and made a dozen recommendations for interventions and research that could encourage more people to walk for fun. You can read the full story here or, see the report from The University of Edinburgh here.

Supporting Walkers with Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a very individual condition and affects people differently. If people with epilepsy are joining your walks, we now have some guidance for Walk Leaders for some things to keep in mind during the walk. The guidance has been created for Ramblers Walking for Health by the Epilepsy Society. You can find it on our website in the scheme zone here.  

Share Your Story

Louis got in touch with us about his incredible achievement! Congratulations on raising all that money for charity. If you have any feel good stories, any examples of things working really well, any achievements or accomplishments in your scheme, please let us know. Send any news to - we look forward to hearing from you and speaking to you soon!

Best wishes
Ramblers Walking for Health Team
Ed, Emily, Lucy, Paul and Alice