£1200 raised for Prostate Cancer UK

Published: 29th November 2019

Walk leader Louis climbed Mount Snowdon and raised £1200 for charity Prostate Cancer UK.

Louis became a member of his local walking group Torridge Walk and Talk – Walking for Health following advice from the health centre following his treatment for a heart attack, that walking would be beneficial to his ongoing rehabilitation and overall health.  Ten years on and Louis assists with three of the walks on the programme alongside a team of dedicated walk leaders. Over the course of a week, Louis finds himself regularly walking over 25 miles.

18 months ago, Louis was diagnosed with prostate cancer and thought “I won’t just sit here feeling sorry for myself so I decided to climb a mountain.”

Louis called his son to tell him what he was thinking and despite his first reaction being one of shock (“you must be mad!”) he was soon on board. So, Louis, his son and his granddaughter came together in Wales for the climb.

Louis had planned the route and chose the slightly longer one but is far less steep, and he had chosen the time of year to make sure it wouldn’t be too hot or too cold. They set off at 9am and half way up the weather took a turn and relentless rain gradually soaked all of them through. They kept each other going and Louis was so glad his son was there with him or he would have turned back. They kept on through the rain and 5 hours after they had set off, they made it to the summit!

Cold and wet they took a quick picture before heading back towards the warmth inside. For Louis, going down was just as much part of the challenge as the climb had been.

Louis set himself a target of £500 that he felt was ambitious but, has been completely overwhelmed with the kindness and generosity of the communities around him. Thanks to his friends family and complete strangers, he has raised significantly more.

Louis has hung a picture of Snowdonia in his house so he can always remember this great experience and is already making plans to climb again!

Louis is now in remission and continues walking to keep himself active and combat some of the side effects of the treatment.