October Newsletter - Cascade Training Still Available

Published: 16th October 2019

We have had a busy month delivering the first cascade training sessions as well as visiting schemes and walks in Crowley, Croydon, Hampshire, Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire, Lewisham, Herefordshire, Hambleton, East Riding and Devon. 

Cascade Training Still Available

Thank you to everyone who has already booked onto or attended a course. There are still some spaces available on our Sheffield course.

This training is for anyone interested in becoming a Ramblers Walking for Health Cascade Trainer that already has a strong understanding of the Ramblers Walking for Health programme. This is a volunteer role that delivers Walk Leader Training for schemes. Follow the links above to book in.

Walk leader training 

Following your feedback on Walk leader training, we are pleased to announce that the new training materials are now available on our website through the Cascade Trainer Zone.

What's changed?
The biggest change is to the length of the day. We have updated the materials to accommodate a 3 hour training.

Canals and Rivers

Do any of your walks go along a river or canal? If so we'd love to hear from you! We are starting to work closely with the Canal and River Trust and the starting point of that is finding out which Ramblers Walking For Health Schemes are using canals and rivers either as part or all of a walk. Please send us an email detailing where your walks are to ed.nicholas@ramblers.org.uk

We are Undefeatable

You'll recall that we recently shared the launch of the We are undefeatble campaign that we hope you have seen around. the campaign has been going incredibly well with over 160k views before media support had even started. There have been 4.5 million video views in the campaign and there are now 10.8k followers across the digital platforms. Schemes are encouraged to link with the campaign, this can be done by using the tag #WeAreUndefeatable and utilising the resources on the campaign website.

10 years in Carlisle

A big thank you to Emma Dixon who started Walking for Health in Carlisle 10 years ago, and with her team of brilliant volunteers has ensured the scheme continues to grow in both success, and attendees.

In 2018 they once again broke participant records seeing a total of 2,186 attendances across the programmes and making significant contributions to individuals physical, social and mental wellbeing.

Carlisle also completed an independent evaluation, showing:

  • 98% of respondents rated the walks as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’.
  • Walkers said they have noticed their health & wellbeing has changed since joining the scheme, examples of changes included: physical fitness maintained or improved as age has increased, recovery from heart surgery, weight-loss (example of 4kg), general well-being (physical and mental) improved and socially beneficial, through meeting new people.

Gillian’s Story
“I retired in May 2013 and within 6 months became a full-time carer… Walking became an escape for me but I also needed company. I went along to a Tuesday Trundle and my needs were met.
I have made new friends and get more exercise as I walk further with company. I subsequently went along to a Wednesday Health Walk with a friend who was trying to lose weight but had a strong dislike of walking. Nearly 3 years later she has lost weight and is still walking.
Having experienced the benefits of the walks myself and seen the enjoyment of other walkers, I trained as a walk leader and now enjoy middle or back marking chatting to walkers of various ages and abilities.”



Share your story

If you have any feel good stories, any examples of things working really well, any achievements or accomplishments in your scheme, please let us know. Send any news to walkingforhealth@ramblers.org.uk and we look forward to hearing from you and speaking to you soon!
Best wishes
Ramblers Walking for Health Team
Ed, Emily, Lucy, Paul and Alice