Walk leader training: what you had to say

Published: 9th September 2019

In July 2019, we shared our Walk Leader Training Consultation Survey directly with Cascade Trainers and Scheme Coordinators to understand what people thought of the training as it currently stands and what could be done to improve it.


Who did we hear from?

We heard from people from across the country, some hold one roll in their local scheme, other hold multiple roles. Everyone we heard from was either a Scheme coordinator, Cascade Trainer or Walk Leader. 25% of people responding to the survey held all 3 roles.

What did they say?

We asked a number of questions to get a full picture, below are some of the top themes and mesages that emerged.

1. The training needs to be shorter


Many respondents found that the length of the training presented a variety of challenges and barriers including; volunteer recruitment, the effectiveness of the training.


"I think that the course is effective for those that attend, but I think on the flip side it is not effective as it is too long and can discourage people from attending"

"Potential walk leaders find it to long as they are busy people who often  have other commitments."



2. The training is effective

The vast majority of respondents felt that the training is effective but, there is room for improvement. We know that time is a barrier to effectivness but people also said that technology (or lack of it at times) impacted the effectiveness of the training.


"It’s very comprehensive and is always well received. Participants always say that they enjoyed it and find it informative. It covers all the basic need to know stuff and in a group setting there is always discussion on certain areas. It encourages everyone to have their say."

"Could use technology better, needs to be simplified and easily accessed."

"It delivers the information which a walk leader needs giving chance for the candidates to ask questions and meet each other"


3. Lot's of it is working well

Following on from people finding the training effective, there are lots of resources that people really liked to have when they are delivering training. What stands out from people's feedback is that having the option of how to use them is important as this makes sure that no matter where you deliver the training, you can make it work.

"I very often dont get internet connection so cant use the videos but I do tell people to watch the 231/2 hours and to have a look at your website when they gethome"

" I use the power point to make sure I am covering all that is necessary but not as a tool for the participants"

"[handouts] Can be taken away and used as reference."

"I like to use printouts sparingly as I find people are better talking about the issues rather than reading them"

What's Next?

We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone that responded and has helped us shape the training going forward. We will be taking all feedback into account as we make changes to the Walk Leader training. Once the current resources are updated, we will update the Cascade Trainers and Scheme Coordinators directly.