Rain and sunshine in Craven

Published: 27th August 2019

In August Alice and Paul visited the South Craven Walking4Health Group and the North Craven Strollers, both volunteer-led schemes in Yorkshire.

South Craven scheme coordinator Andy Glen welcomed us and arranged a meeting with volunteers, followed by one of the summer evening walks in Silsden. The evening walks have proved very popular, often attracting 40 people, and provide an important opportunity for people who are working or have other responsibilities during weekdays. With 100 walkers active each month, South Craven provides a range of health walks, largely thanks to the dedicated volunteers who also arrange car sharing to attend the walks. Otherwise this would be very difficult for some people, as public transport links in the area are not good.

We also joined North Craven Strollers and coordinator Jean Maxwell on the Gargrave walk. Jean’s group are able to make the most of good bus services around the area to enjoy a wide variety of health walks, many of the walkers are retired and also enjoy the benefit of a bus pass. Like most Walking for Health groups, following the end of the walk there was refreshments, socialising and chatter – this time around the tables of a local café serving proper Yorkshire tea and treats from the menu.

A big thank you to Andy, Jean and all of the volunteers, not only for inviting us but also for all the amazing work throughout the year enabling local people to get active, enjoy the walks and make new friends!