August Newsletter - Scheme Survey 2019

Published: 22nd August 2019

We hope you have been enjoying the summer! Last month we went and spoke to schemes and partners in Oxford, London, Norfolk, Maidstone Bradford, Liverpool, Cheshire, Rochdale, Bolton, Nottingham, Birmingham, and Lincolnshire.

Last month we told you we thought we'd found the busiest walk but we were quickly corrected! Step Out Swindon have seen 126 walkers as their personal best and average at 100 per week! You can read more about these huge walks on our website. If you think you've got a walk as big or even bigger - we'd love to hear from you, please let us know!

Scheme Survey 2019

We are happy to be launching our scheme survey - some of you will remember this but for those of you who are new to Walking for Health, you can read more about what the Scheme Survey is and why we do it on our website.

The survey is a series of questions that seeks to take the most accurate picture of Ramblers Walking for Health as possible. This insight will help Ramblers Walking for Health better position itself nationally which is particularly pertinent as we seek further funding. The results of this will also offer you data that shows you in the wider context as well as information to share with volunteers, funders and supporters. 

You can find the survey here as well as links to more guidance and information.

Training Review 

Last month we shared the Training survey with you. Thank you so much to everyone who has fed back - we just want to update you on the next steps. We will be reviewing the feedback, looking for any trends and distilling it into the actions we need to take forward. We will then start making the changes. When we know more about what the revised training will look like, we will be able to share cascade training dates - please look out for these in the September newsletter.

A reminder that while we have no cascade training dates in, please do help your neighbours that may need some training in the interim.

Insurance guidance 

We have had a number of questions recently about our insurance so want to share some key points with you.

  • Our insurance is third party civil liability, not personal accident.
  • All Walk Leaders that have completed the Walking for Health Walk Leader training are covered by the insurance.
  • Walk Leaders are expected to follow best practice, this includes:
    • Having completed the Walking for Health Walk leader training
    • Ensuring each walker has completed a registration form
    • Ensuring the register is taken on each walk
    • Completing and maintaining a risk assessment for the route
    • An accident report form is completed if required.
  • All routes used need to be risk assessed in advance but it’s not necessary to do this before every walk along them. We recommend updating all risk assessments every six months or at least once a year

You can read more about insurance and risk assessments on our website.

Scheme Zone Update 

We continue to work through updating our resources. Thank you to everyone for your continued patience with this. This month, you can find updated branding resources:


Pass it on! 

These emails are sent to all Scheme Coordinators and Cascade Trainers. Please remember to pass any information in these newsletters to your volunteers as you see fit.

British Blind Sport 

British Blind Sport are aiming to become the go-to place for people to find visually impaired friendly activities. They are launching a brand new online activity finder this summer and you can be a part of it.

Does your scheme welcome people with visual impairments? Would you welcome some free advertising and new members? Then complete the short registration form here. If you have any questions or simply want more information, call 01926 424247 or email