May Newsletter - A new team

Published: 8th May 2019

May is now here and with the longer evenings and the kinder weather lots of you will be out walking and hopefully we will be seeing lots more walkers out enjoying Rambler Walking for Health walks.  We love to hear from you, do send any good news stories, photos and thoughts to

A new team

Following on from the announcement of Sport England funding we are very pleased to announce the appointment of the following new members of the Ramblers Walking for Health team, who are now in the process of being inducted.
Programme Manager Ed Nicholas joins us from Active Oxfordshire and has a background in sport management and physical activity promotion – including experience of the Ramblers Walking for Health programme. As well as overseeing the programme, he will lead our work with national partners and the delivery of changes that seek to ensure the programme is put on a sustainable footing. Email
Senior Delivery Officer Emily Hatcher joins the Walking for Health team from a role within the Ramblers where they focused on walk leader training and has previously worked at Girlguiding. They will lead the day to day delivery of our Ramblers Walking for Health work & oversee the implementation of change. Email
Delivery Officer Paul Woolley joins us from the Manchester Carers Network and has extensive experience of managing voluntary sector partnerships. He will be based at home and will help support schemes through the changes we need to make as well as working on the delivery of special projects in the Manchester area. Email
We are currently recruiting an additional Delivery Officer and the detail on that can be found here 
And finally…. the vital anchor of the team is Alice who continues in her role as Support Officer. Alice has been working on the programme for the past two years, in a variety of roles, and has been managing the programme on her own for the past two months. She’s very happy to have new colleagues! Email

Please keep in mind that even after the new team are inducted, they will need to prioritise planning in more detail the changes we now need to make and how they will work together to deliver them. This will include how we can support schemes in a way that is sustainable.

Coming up

One thing we do know – which you will all be aware of – is that our current data and digital systems are showing their age.  We are in the process of scoping the replacement of these systems and will update you with more details as soon as we can. It is very likely that one of the first systems we will need to update is the walks database, where the walks are listed. To facilitate this, it would be extremely helpful if you can use the existing system to start updating all your walk listings through till at least the end of September and, ideally, the end of December. This will ensure that when we move these walks listings to a new system in the coming months, they are as complete as possible. Further information will be available in due course, and we will give ample notice on any changes.
We are planning further communications soon and hope to include a quick online consultation about the kinds of support that are most important to your scheme. We are aware that cascade training is a priority for many of you but also want to assess the relative importance of other kinds of support. 
Whilst we are in the process of managing the programme and looking to the future we do want to hear from you. Do send any communications to and we look forward to hearing from you and speaking to you soon!
Best wishes
Ramblers Walking for Health Team

Wednesday, 8 May, 2019 - 11:00