On Your Doorstep - hard work recognised by CCG

Published: 3rd October 2017

Keith Wallace, scheme coordinator of the On Your Doorstep Walking for Health scheme in Mansfield and Ashfield, has been awarded the Mansfield and Ashfield Care Commissioning Group (CCG) Engagement Award. Congratulations Keith!

The award recognises Keith’s hard work and achievement in helping people become healthier and more active through his work with Walking for Health. Every year it is given to someone outside the NHS who has helped improve the health and wellbeing of the local community.

The judging panel praised Keith and the scheme’s work helping people become more independent, boosting their confidence and improving general wellbeing as well as fitness.

Keith said: “It feels fabulous to have won, especially because it was one of our walkers who nominated me.”

The On Your Doorstep scheme runs walks five days a week, and organises social events at least once a month where walkers can meet up and enjoy activities like pub quizzes and old fashioned sports days.

“We’re not just encouraging people to walk for health reasons, we’re trying to address things like social isolation and low self-esteem, to generally help people feel more confident in themselves and have a more healthy lifestyle. The hard work is definitely worth it.”

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