Balsam Centre Walks - Inspiring Walkers

Published: 13th June 2017

Congratulations to Ali, Simon and Lu, who were presented with the Ramblers' Inspiring Walkers award for setting up the Balsam Centre Walks 

Why they were nominated:

When Ali joined as a volunteer with South Somerset: Step Out for Health, she felt that there was a need for much shorter walks, for people who had never taken walks and for those aiming to get fitter.

Joined by Simon and Lu, the group started with weekly short walks from the Balsam Centre that were about 45 minutes long. They soon realised even this was too long for some and so started a second weekly walk from the medical centre in the town and worked tirelessly to spread the word and encourage people to join them, working closely with a local nurse in the process.

Their positive attitude is infectious with some of the walkers becoming walk leaders, and others getting involved in other activities the Centre runs. The group is very inclusive – from age 18 to 80, some with early stages of dementia, people with learning difficulties, people wanting to lose weight and increase their fitness, and some who just enjoy the social aspect.


Head over to the Ramblers website to read their walk and talk with Ali, Simon and Lu