Meet new people

Three happy walkers enjoying a Walking for Health-led walk

Walking isn't just about keeping your body and your mind healthy. It can be great for your social life too.

Walking in a group

Walking as part of a group is a good way to start and keep going. You'll make friends, encourage each other, develop a network of supportive fellow walkers and discover new walks in and around your area. 
Many of the walkers have become friends and meet regularly outside the walks.
Alfred Clews, Volunteer Walk Leader
For lots of our walkers, sharing stories, having a laugh and making friends is just as important as feeling healthy and getting into shape.

Support and encouragement

A little encouragement can go a long way, so why not get motivated by joining a health walk near you? Health walks take place across the country and they're for people who - like you - would rather have some company than walk alone.  
Get involved with your nearest health walk scheme today.
I've made lots of lovely new friends. As well as spending time together on health walks, we've also walked further afield… even spending a few days in the Lake District walking in the hills and camping in an old barn!
Jean Hooton, Walking for Health participant