Healthy minds

A Walking for Health group walking through a hill-top park

Fresh air. A golden sunset. Leaves crunching underfoot.

A good walk can do wonders at the end of a long, stressful and tiring day. 

But it's not just about the occasional one-off feel good factor. Walking is great for keeping our minds healthy in the long-term too. Because when we walk - just like when we do any kind of exercise - our brains release chemicals that make us feel good. And that means walking can help us cope with things like depression, stress and anxiety. 
Walking has always been there for me, my confidence has grown immensely. I'm a totally different person now than I was ten years ago and I owe so much of that to walking.
Kath, Walking for Health participant with bipolar disorder
And the physical improvements you gain by walking can help to improve your mental health too. If you feel fitter and feel in control of your weight, your body image and confidence can increase - so it's not just the physical benefits that you'll notice when you start walking.

Don’t save a good walk for clearing your head after a particularly bad day. Walk regularly. Invest in your long-term health now and you’ll see the difference that walking can make to your mind, your body and your social life. Walking in a group is a great way to start started and stay motivated, so find your local Walking for Health scheme and get started now. 

Walking Works

Walking works, and we have the proof! Being active promotes mental health and wellbeing. Our publication Walking Works is an extensive overview of the mounting research into the life threatening consequences of inactivity, which concludes that walking is the answer. Read on here.