GDPR: information and guidance


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new EU legal framework came into operation on 25 May 2018 and introduced additional regulations for all organisations that process (collect, manage and use) personal data.

Below you will find information, guidance and resources you and your scheme will need to comply with the GDPR. If you have any questions, please ensure you read the FAQs below in the first instance. If you still have queries then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

>> Click here to read an overview on GDPR (PDF 313 KB)

This note provides information and guidance on how the Ramblers and local schemes need to work together for GDPR compliance and explains further about what GDPR means and what actions need to be taken by them as data controllers. It is provided by Ramblers to assist local groups but it is not legal advice and local groups should seek their own advice on any issues which they remain unclear about or which they have concerns about.

>> Download legal guidance note on Walking for Health GDPR (PDF 108 KB) 

We have made changes to the walker registration form in order to comply with the GDPR. Please familiarise yourself with the new form and guidance on how to use it.

Read more about the new walker registration form

   >> Download walker registration form guidance (PDF 153 KB)  

New walker registration form - editable PDF versions:

   >> Download version 1: with no scheme consent statement (PDF 665 KB)

   >> Download version 2: with pre-written scheme consent statement (PDF 856 KB)

  >> Download version 3: with blank space to write own scheme consent statement (PDF 848 KB)

Easy-Read Walker Registration Form

   >> Download editable PDF version (PDF 663 KB)

   >> Download editable Word version (.docx)

Instructions for volunteers:

   >> Download instructions for walk leaders (PDF 175 KB) 

   >> Download instructions for data administrators (PDF 90 KB)

If a new walker consents to receive a link via email to take an anonymous health survey, it will be emailed to them by the Ramblers Walking for Health national programme team. For individuals without an email address, a paper version of the health survey is available, which you can download below. This health data should then be input by web and data administrators using the volunteer survey monkey link, which you can find in the leading a walk kit.

>> Download a printable version of the anonymous health survey (PDF 125 KB)

In order to ensure the lawfulness under GDPR of all data sharing, a data sharing agreement has been produced for the Ramblers and all organisation-led schemes that use the Ramblers Walking for Health database to sign.

>> Download the data sharing agreement (PDF 1.26 MB)

If you're a volnteer-led scheme, you will have received an email from us about being a data processor, which included the guidelines below:

>> Download the guidelines for data processors (PDF 199 KB)

A privacy policy is a statement that discloses the ways your organisation, uses, discloses, and manages personal data. Your scheme needs to include a link to your privacy policy, and ensure that it clearly states how an individual’s information will be stored and used. 

>> Download the privacy policy guidance (PDF 81 KB)

>> Download our editable privacy policy template (.docx 25 KB)

Under GDPR, you are responsible for the way that your walkers’ data is collected, processed and maintained, and so you need to think about whether you have the correct permissions to continue to contact your walkers in the same way, or if you need to ask them to re-consent to you using their information.

>> Download our consent guidance (PDF 120 KB)

>> Download our template for regaining consent from walkers (.docx 86 KB)

This template outlines common scheme activities and how related personal data should be managed.

>> Download the managing personal data template (.xls 44 KB)

Download the consent form for publishing volunteer details:

   >> Editable Microsoft Word version (.docx 45 KB)

   >> Editable PDF version (PDF 540 KB)

If you have queries about GDPR, please ensure you read through the FAQs below before getting in touch with us. Please note that these will be updated occasionally. 

>> Download FAQs (PDF 237 KB) 


Updates to resources and guidance

Based on your feedback so far we have made a some changes to a few resources and guidance. If we make further changes to resources and guidance, we will continue to update this section.

  >> Download a summary of updates and amendments (as at 23 May 2018)