Volunteer focus - Les

Les Bubka, Walking for Health volunteer

Who am I?

I'm Les Bubka, personal trainer and volunteer with Guildford Walking for Health. I have the pleasure of supporting the Fairlands short walk, for people who are a bit slower or less mobile. 

Why did I join Walking for Health?

I had a bit of spare time when I was studying for my diploma in personal training, and wanted to do something positive with my skills and experience. I had nearly given up hope of finding something local, when I stumbled across a post from Julie (one of the Guildford scheme coordinators) on Streetlife, asking if someone could help her run a new walk. As the walk takes place just five minutes from my house, it was the perfect opportunity!

Chatting to members of the group is fascinating! They have so many stories of experience and adventure "

What do I enjoy most about Walking for Health? 

Chatting to the walkers is always fascinating, they have so many stories of experience and adventure! I think they were a bit suspicious of me at first, wondering why a young person had joined their group, but I quickly got to know them and have become good friends. Now that I am much busier running my own business I always make sure that I have Wednesday 10am booked for walking with the group.

The experience of joining Walking for Health has also surprisingly opened up other possible opportunities - including teaching martial arts as therapy. 

What advice do I have for current and potential volunteers?

It's always a good idea to get out of your comfort zone, life rewards those who are brave!