Corinne’s Story

This time last year Corrinne spent most of her time alone at home, only venturing out to do her food shopping.

She was living with sciatica (pain caused by irritation of the sciatic nerve) which made it hard for her to walk, and had become overweight because of her immobility.

Her GP could see she was stuck in a rut and suggested that she make contact with a member of the local council's 'Wellbeing Team'. They supported her to join a slimming club and after she had successfully lost a stone, they then asked if she would like to try Portsmouth Healthy Walks knowing this might offer a social opportunity as well as helping to improve her fitness.

Corinne first went along on a thirty minute walk.

“It wasn’t easy and I was definitely the slowest but I did it! Since then I haven’t looked back.”

Corinne is happier, slimmer and fitter. Her sciatica has improved and doesn't stop her from being active. She now does up to four walks per week including evening and Saturday morning walks.

She finds the volunteer walk leaders and other walkers friendly, welcoming and supportive. It gives her a boost when she receives complimentary remarks about her improved fitness. In fact, she admitted that the thirty minute walk has become too short and easy and so she is looking to swap it for an hour walk instead.

“There are so many positives such as enjoying the exercise and socialising. I would definitely recommend Walking for Health.”