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Dorchester Strollers on one of the town's many old pathways
Ratty’s Trail to Rabbit Lane
Published: 15 November 2011
 Many people are delighted to find new places to walk, or to visit again places that they used to frequent. Several old streets, alleyways, footpaths and tracks have unusual or quaint names that evoke the spirit or the history of the place....
World Diabetes Day logo
World Diabetes Day 2011
Published: 14 November 2011
By 2025 over 4 million of us in the UK will have diabetes, it is estimated. In just 15 years since 1996 the number oif people diagnosed has increased by 50%.World Diabetes Day was introduced by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the...
Walk the World logo
Walk to connect with 206 nations
Published: 11 November 2011
Health walkers all over the country tend to find that, by stepping out in their own neighbourhood, they develop a real interest in the history, flora and fauna of the local area. Now a special Olympic project, Walk the World, helps people explore...
Walking for Health Logo
Update: Transition of Walking for Health from Natural England
Published: 4 November 2011
Update: 9th December 2011The 5th December marked the closing date for submission of tenders to provide central support services for Walking for Health.The tenders are now being analysed. In January, bidders will be invited to give a presentation to...
Perambulations and poetry in the forest
Published: 3 November 2011
The location was not simply Sherwood Forest in the north of Nottinghamshire as we know it today.  Dave’s perambulations covered all manner of places shown on the 1662 map of the Forest which, at that time, extended all the way down to Nottingham...
2 Nov:Stress Awareness Day
Published: 31 October 2011
2nd November is National Stress Awareness Day (NSAD). According to the International Stress Management Association UK, stress levels have doubled in the last 4 years. Everyone involved in health walks knows that adopting a healthy lifestyle –...