Latest Walking for Health News

Britain must get walking
Published: 25 October 2011
 (To maximise health benefits it is recommended that we take up to 30 minutes of moderate physical activity a day.) The Department for Transport’s National Travel Survey found: a 28 per cent decline (ie a drop of more than a quarter) in the average...
Urban areas: why more people don’t walk
Published: 21 October 2011
Last month saw the completion of Understanding Walking and Cycling, a 3-year study by the Universities of Leeds, Oxford Brookes and Lancaster. Research was carried out in four English towns.(Scroll down to find out about urban health walks.) Why...
National Trust ‘Walk with Us’ week
Published: 21 October 2011
Autumn is a wonderful time to explore the outdoors as a family. Our houses have fantastic grounds you can discover on foot or you can venture further afield onto our beautiful coastlines and into the countryside to continue your adventure.National...
World Osteoporosis Day - 20th October
Published: 20 October 2011
Osteoporosis is a condition in which bones become weak and are more likely to break.One in 2 women and one in 5 men over the age of 50 will break a bone mainly due to osteoporosis. (National Osteoporosis Society website).Exercise, such as walking,...
Walk leaders taking part in a wildflower identification walk
Heritage health walks
Published: 18 October 2011
This project began in 2009. As part of it, walk leaders can learn about many aspects of local heritage and then share their knowledge with health walkers. The idea came about when walk leaders mentioned that many of their routes led them through...
Celebrating in a time of change
Published: 14 October 2011
The aims of the day were to: thank the volunteers for all that they give to the health walks;provide information on what is happening nationally and locally; put on some enjoyable activities for all those taking part.National and local change Hazel...