Walking for Health news 2012

In the news this week - walking, physical activity and health
Published: 31 August 2012
Three studies in the news this week highlight the links between physical activity like walking and good health even into old age, further underlining the importance of Walking for Health in helping people to become and stay active.
Egremont Amblers health walks group
Egremont Amblers celebrate their 1st Anniversary!
Published: 10 August 2012
The Egremont Amblers health walks group are celebrating their first anniversary with a walk and celebratory lunch.
Natural England reports highlight opportunities to make Walking for Health even more effective
Published: 1 August 2012
Three reports on Walking for Health (WfH) have been published this week by Natural England, which highlight some key achievements of the programme, as well as areas which we can improve on in future.
Wlakers enjoying a health walk
Report published today is yet another reason for everyone to get walking!
Published: 18 July 2012
Today’s report published in the Lancet, which estimates that about two thirds of adults in the UK are not doing enough physical activity, further strengthens the case for Walking for Health.
Filling in an OHQ.
Updated Outdoor Health Questionnaire issued
Published: 5 July 2012
The Walking for Health national centre has issued a refreshed version of the Outdoor Health Questionnaire (OHQ) for use by schemes, recognising the new partnership running the project.
Walking for Health logo
Update on Walking for Health services
Published: 3 April 2012
Latest information on key Walking for Health services following the handover from Natural England.